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L'Histoire of Video, Part Deux

 The fact that encouraging to the crystalline rectifiers they worked with all the scientists who continue studying them and obtaining gradually characteristic electrical fundamental of l'arrangement of the materials of the semiconductor necessary to allow l'invention of the transistor. In 1906 Lee De Forest, American engineer, it developed a type of vacuum tube that was to d'amplifier able the signals next to radio. Of Forest it added a grid of the genuine wire of silver between the cathode and l'anode of the termoiónica valve d'deux-electrode constructed by Fleming. The new device, that Of l'audion dubbing Forest, was therefore a vacuum tube d'trois-electrode. In the function, l'anode in such vacuum tube occurs a positive potential (frank polarized) with respect to the cathode, whereas the grid is negatively eccentric. A great negative polarization in the grid prevents all emitted electrons with the cathode d'atteindre l'anode; nevertheless, because the grid is l'espace mainly opened, a less negative polarization makes him possible some electrons to pass through her and d'atteindre l'anode. The small variations of the potential of the grid can request great amounts of d'anode thus present. The vacuum tube allowed the development to spread by the radio, the basic telephony, the electronic television, and the first digital computers. These electronic computers were early, in fact, the greatest systems of established tube of the electron the always. Perhaps the known representative is l'ENIAC (numerical electronic integrating and of the computer), obtained in 1946. The particular requirements of the many several uses of the vacuum tubes made to many improvements, allowing to handle great amounts them of energy, work very in those of high frequency, they have trustworthiness above than the average, or they become very compact (the dice of the size d'un). L'origine, the tube cathode-ray became to demonstrate to the electrical forms d'onde in a screen for the measures of the technology, evolved/moved outside the tube d'image of the television. Such tubes work forming to leave emitted electrons the cathode in a bad beam that usurps in a fluorescent screen with extremity of the tube. L'écran emits the light that can be watched of outer of the tube. The deviation of the cause of the will d'électrons of the beam of the models of the light d'être produced in l'écran, creating the wished optical images. The specialized in vacuum tubes, developed or refined standards of D'autres during World War II for the military goals, continue being extremely aujourd'hui used outside the furnaces of microwawe and transmitter of high frequency on board of the satellites of l'espace. In spite of the remarkable success of the transistors in most of the electronic uses, there are certain specialized functions that only the vacuum tubes can make.

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