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The history of video written in the new language we will all soon be speaking - European!!

L'Histoire of Video, Part Drei

 Those include generally operation in the end of the energy or the frequency. The vacuum tubes continue being used bus of the devices d'affichage for the televisions and supervise ordinator of d because the average of d'autres to provide the function is more expensive, although this situation even changes. The vacuum tubes are fragile and finally use outside in good condition. L'échec produces in l'utilisation effects normal of l'un or of l'autre of heat repeated and to refresh whereas l'équipement is change and the shutdown exchanged (tiredness thermal), that finally causes a physical rupture in certain part of the inner structure of the tube, or degradation of the characteristics of the cathode by residual gases in the tube. The vacuum tubes also take time (of some seconds to several minutes) with "préchauffage" with the disturbance of the operation of temperature-one in best of the cases and a certain cases serious limitation with its use. These scientists moved by imperfections in the laboratories of Bell to look for an alternative the vacuum tube and made the development of the transistor possible!!!

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This is now the end our explanation about the origins of video and it should have been totally comprehensible to you. If, by any chance, you have failed to understand it completely then you are not a good European, so the Thought Police, as part of our free services from the Ministry of Truth, will soon be calling on you to help you with your re-education. There is no need for you to put in a formal application for your re-training course, we know who you are and where to find you.

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